PHP/MySQL Role Play Game

During my time at high school, and later, sixth form, I did almost no programming. I had many other things on my mind, but towards the end of my compulsory education I decided that it might be a good idea to try and pick up some website knowledge.

My friend was a PHP programmer. He makes web applications. I figured that it’d be a good place to start. If I ever ran into problems then I would be able to ask him.

Where did I start? Oh yes. I followed a tutorial to make a blog. Plain and simple, I don’t think it had authentication in or anything. Just something simple. I think it was also a Dreamweaver tutorial. I did use Dreamweaver initially but then tried to learn what Dreamweaver was doing so I could do it myself.

When I had a working basic blog system I began adding to it, adding user authentication, multiple users. I sorted out character tables for the database, I also implemented a limit to the posts each player could make. There was a “Game Master” who would have to post once, then each of the other 4 players could post once, and only once in reply to the situation that the GM sets. This sets up a kind of turn based system. I also made a simple “Shoutbox” that would be used for OOC chat and decisions as to what each player would do. At the time there were no game mechanics involved to leave it as open as possible for the GM to lead the game.

Again, I believe I lost the actual code in a computer failure a few years back, but I will attempt to dig out some ancient backup disk. I should have at least a screenshot somewhere.

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