BASIC game

Ok, I admit, this was largely a skive. I had an old IBM in my bedroom from the age of… about 5ish(?) and it ran MSDOS-Shell and/or Norton Commander, depending on when you caught me.

I found QBasic.
I was intrigued.qbasic_1.jpg
I found the help files.
I learned.

During my primary school education we studied the Roman Empire and the subsequent conquest of Britain about… 4 times. During one of these periods, I believe the third time we had covered “Rome in it’s glory days” or something to that effect, I persuaded the teacher that it would be just as beneficial if I spent the time sitting at the class’ one and only PC making a text adventure, walking around Rome, rather than whatever the classwork was at the time.

I have to admit, looking back now, the code would have been absolutely hideous, it was littered with GOTOs and terribly unstructured, but I was proud, and still am. I had taught myself purely from the little documentation that had been distributed with the IDE… and with no previous programming knowledge or experience.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the school would have had that particular computer for a good many years, and I don’t have a copy any more either.

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