I am going to try and provide a tutorial series for programming with Maratis 3D. I have no current schedule, so without feedback, I will create guides on interesting/complex problems I encounter when developing with Maratis. Feel free to leave any feedback and I will try to create tutorials to match.

I will try to go into as much detail as I can, but I am probably going to forget things from time to time. I won’t be insulted if someone mentions it in comments, I might even credit you when I update the tutorial 😉

When each stage is written and completed to a level I’m happy with, I’ll try and cover the same things in a couple of screencasts, to give a better idea of how things work. When it comes to these, I won’t focus too heavily on every line of code and will probably shoot through a lot, although I’ll try to avoid the Blue-Peter-esque “Here is one I made earlier” thing. Any code I write, I am sure I will upload somewhere for everyone to see and pull apart.

I’ve created a github account for the tutorial, so you can watch as things progress. Take a look at it here.

If there is anything at all which you want to be added into this tutorial series, give a shout and I will work on it. The best place to get in contact with me is over at the Maratis Forums.


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