Lara Croft and GoL

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light



When I first joined Ideaworks, I begun work on the iOS version of Crystal Dynamic’s isometric game featuring the famous female adventurer.

As my first professional game, I was obviously very excited to work on such a high profile game. I am happy with the outcome, it looks very nice and polished.

One of the first features I worked on was the menu system, working closely with the artists and designers to reproduce mock-up artwork with provided art assets in game. One of the largest tasks was to create the inventory pages, which had to be consistent, with smooth and intuitive behaviour as well as attempting to use as many reusable components as possible.

I have also worked with the animation system, ensuring that animation transitions were correct and occuring at the correct time. Animation trees were built by hand and characters often consisted of multiple trees to take care of different things such as moving and attacking.

Another feature I worked on was the player controller, including the inventory system and inventory management. This involved interactions between the animation system, the device input, as well as a large amount of other game modules such as enemy AI.

Game was written in C++ and developed with Marmalade.

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