COD BO: Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is perhaps the highest profile game I’ve worked on at Ideaworks Game Studio. The development time was long and difficult, but I had a great amount of fun.

As with previous projects, I spent a considerable time working with the User Interface implementation. On top of the in game interface setup, I found a public domain Flash renderer (gameswf) and worked into getting it integrated in with our in house tech, including our resource management system.

This project also saw a rather large overhaul of our in house tech and I helped rewrite the entity/component system including adding a observer pattern to it.

One of the central features of any Call of Duty games is the weapons. There are a a pretty large amount in Black Ops Zombies. I helped work on some of the bespoke weapons, as well as the upgrade system.

There are a lot of ‘points of interest’ in the game that the player interacts with. I worked on getting these working in a way that we has as much common code shared as possible. This involved tying into the animation systems of each entity,

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