Quick list of projects, past and present, hopefully with valid links. There is often very little differentiation between the categories. The reason can potentially be understood by reading this post.
These aren’t necessarily 100% complete, but they are usable in their current state and, unless I require more features, will do little work on them
  • tlmm – Tiny Little Maths Machine – parses, compiles and runs mathematical equations in usec time. [GitHub]
  • tldr – Tiny Little DOM (Reader) – file reader/writer. Missing human readable support but usable. [GitHub]
  • template – Template for C libraries – Reasonable starting point for making libraries in C. [GitHub]
  • testsuite – C++ unit test – Used in tlmm and tldr [GitHub]
These are technically in active development, but can fluctuate between here and “on hold”
  • MIngEd – Maratis In Game Editor system – Monolithic project, slow but making progress. [GitHub]
  • She Wore White – Game using Maratis/MInged – Large project and relies on features in MIngEd, also making slow progress
  • gibberish – evolutionary language simulator – experiment for a friend, ongoing.
On hold:
In theory I’m not working on these right now as they are usually blocked by something in “live” but occasionally will have an idea and work on them anyway.
  • Maratis Tutorial – Tutorial series for using Maratis – put on hold while for a bit, working on new content [GitHub]
  • AquaGate – Demo game for Maratis – Also put on hold to make time for other projects [GitHub]
  • MParticle – Particle system for Maratis – On hold until more editor functionality is available for MIngEd. [GitHub]
  • MProfiler – Performance tools for Maratis – On hold until more editor functionality is available for MIngEd. [GitHub]
  • demo – attempt at writing a 64k demo engine – 16k with a voxel octree, simple synth and texture generator so far!
  • matrix – distributed procedural planet generator – working scheduler, client/server framework, planet renderer


These are in theory dead as I either no longer need them for anything, or they were an experiment into how to do something which has now answered the question, as with “on hold” it’s possible these will get resurrected, but it’s less likely

  • love-gooey – data driven GUI system for löve – Canceled as I have no current use for it [GitHub]
  • icarus – operating system/kernel – this was never meant to get anywhere, just an experiment as to how OSs are started.

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