I am currently in the processess of modifying a gameboy for my friend. It is getting a pro-sound mod (ie line out jack for better gain) in order to make chiptunes using lsdj. The lineout port was a few minutes work (drill hole. solder 3.5mm jack to pads on motherboard.

Anyway, long story short, I have an airbrush which hasn’t been used for anything, so I wanted to use it. The design has gone from simple mod to crazy spray painting, fibreglassing extravaganza. Anyway, I’m making good progress and as I’m going to London Hack Space now to do it, I have space to do stuff there, and enough people interested in asking me questions to keep me motivated.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos at the beginning so I’ll just have to describe what it was like before. Plain grey brick. Screen thing was unglued. No battery cover. Screen was reattatched and sanded down to be more flush with the case (I hope it’s going to buff up nicely…) battery cover was acquired. Speaker vents and ridges on the back were filled, initially with fibreglass (and cheap grey car primer to check smoothness) and then with filler primer. Currently a few more holes/bumps to sort before proper painting can begin.

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