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Update: Various projects

Ok, I seem to have 2 non-programming projects on the go (3 if you count the amplifier as separate) and none of them are complete. This is not because I’ve got fed up of one, have no attention span or anything. I am working on everything, taking it in turns to keep things different. So, a quick update of where I am with these:

Amplifier: I have all the amplifier modules built up. I next need to build the case (possibly counting as yet another project) and mount the components inside. I still need a power button, rear connectors (2x phono in, 6x speaker out (3x red, 3x black), 3pin kettle power)volume control + nice black dial, transformers and a crossover. Not entirely sure how I can merge a stereo signal into a single sub output. I’ll work something out.

Speakers: I have begun the finishing on one of the speakers. It’s been primed, and sanded down, now it needs to be filled some more, sanded, primed, sanded etc until it’s as smooth as I can get it, then it will get a couple of coats of black spray paint. I will begin with the other speaker soon too. I have also got some 3mm black acrylic which I will cut into circular covers for the back of the speakers to mount the connectors in. Once both speakers are done, and the amplifier is built, I will begin work on an 8″ sub unit.

Playstation: Now, a few things have changed with this one. For one thing I decided it’d be crazy to try and spray bubbles with a can. I ended up acquiring an airbrush which I have been harassing the cat with. The paint is yet to arrive. I’ve also decided that the vents on the side of the PS1 are hideous and won’t be neat sprayed anyway. So I’m cutting them off, I’m also going to cut an arc out of the top on both left and right sides (well, would be an arc if the disc cover and buttons weren’t in the way) and then I will fix some sheet metal there with 3mm holes as ventilation. The buttons will be mounted in their original places, and where the bubbles were planned to be on the case, the holes will be blocked up and sanded flush with fibreglass.

Sorry there are no photos at this point. I’ve been busy with other things, and also have been collecting the things I need. I’m currently waiting on some diamond encrusted cutting disks for my Dremel (only £4 for 5!)  and the fibreglass then I can get started on the PS1. The speakers I’m slowly slaving away at, but visually there’s no real change in them at the moment.

Anyone have any comments? Done anything similar?

Sound system

Ok, this isn’t technically a mod, it’s a custom build… but it’s going in my mod section because I refuse to have loads of categories with next to nothing in them. So here it goes.

I have given up with PC speakers. The last set I had was a 4.1 Logitech set that worked well for several years until the connections in the back of the sub got so loose that every step I took across my bedroom, one of the speakers would turn off, and another would turn on. I replaced them with a set of not-too-cheap ones from Argos. They worked for a while, then randomly changes volume, anywhere on the scale. Useless. Now I’ve given up with PC speakers. I know that I can probably get some nicer ones that will work, I just can’t be bothered any more. Plus this sounds like a great little project. Continue reading Sound system

PS1 Mod

Ok, I know I’m more than a decade out of date with this, but I thought it’d be a fun way to liven up an old console. This particular console will be a present for my girlfriend. Some of you might well think “a console from 1996? What kind of gift is that?” But I laugh at you. For one thing, this is to get me back used to spraying things, before I do it with a more expensive console. Plus, do you remember some of the amazing games that they had on the PS1? Ok, obviously not the graphics of a PS3 title, but damn I was impressed when I saw some of those again after dusting off my trusty console. So, without further ado, let us begin the project. Continue reading PS1 Mod