Ok, so that was more painful that I expected :S I almost basically kind of have the thing merged and it should sort of kind of almost run (to the same degree) on Linux. Although it doesn’t. I was doing this on my little netbook, which I have not installed a GUI on (on purpose) so I had to try and make the graphics not display, but at the same time, not change the actual application. Continue reading BrassMoonlight

Update for Game framework

Ok, the game hasn’t progressed at all, however this is because I’ve been busy with other things. For one I have been reorganising my code a little, deciding what should go where. Basically I’m in the middle of two seperate things, the first is merging my network code back into the actual application (or actually the other way around because I like the layout of the network app a bit more). The second thing I’m doing is making it cross platform.

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Application Framework

I started writing an application framework for my network programming coursework, including things like multithreading and network programming using WinSock. I have also been planning on making a 2D game. I then brought the 2 together and have started working on a 2D game framework and improving the application framework.  I thought this would be a good example of my work to put up. Hopefully I will be able to continue working on this and make a decent demo game, hopefully finished for around Christmas. Continue reading Application Framework

Honours project

I have recently began my honours year at university and I’ve been forced to think for myself!
Oh noes I hear you cry.
Well, I don’t because noone checks my site… Woo 😛
But anyway, I have began my research and set up a blog to keep track of what work I do over at
TIARA (and if anyone who doesn’t already know… if you can guess what TIARA means… kudos… I might offer to get something for you…)

Anyway, feel free to criticise my idea… any comments will (hopefully) help me make my dissertation better

emacs Test

So, I just installed emacs and have spent a while learning it and
setting things up. Just testing to see whether posting to wordpress from
emacs. See how it goes.
I will maybe update this post if it works with my current emacs setup.
Yay for newly discovered emacs!

New Page!

No, the title wasn’t the default one.

I have finally got proper hosting. Much as I really like SDF and think it’s a great thing, it doesn’t make financial sense to a student to host there, their ARPA accounts don’t have MySQL or a control panel and much as I’m happy with the command line it doesn’t make updating things easy. Anyway. I got hosting. I have my domain name. I made a theme. It’s pretty generic, so sue me.

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Diary of a Slacker